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Treat yourself to a unique experience diving in the beautiful Ligurian Sea. It is an experience for everyone. You can take a trial lesson and then decide whether to continue and get the Open Water certification.
If you are already an expert, you can enter a higher level course or treat yourself to a single dive to admire the Christ of the Abyss .

Instructors are experienced and professional, they belong to a diving school with a long tradition that offers PADI licenses.
The friends of the diving center of Corderia Nazionale offer all the professionalism, expertise, materials and equipment to ensure exciting experiences.

Diving excursions take place mainly in the reserve of Portofino, a protected marine park of enchanting beauty to be enjoyed from the first moment the student sets foot on the boat. Just admiring the coast from the sea is a priceless sight!

The Padi Open water certificate is internationally recognized. It certifies diving up to 18 mt.
In general, the program takes 2 weeks for completion and includes
• 9 - 10 hours of theory lessons
• 9 hours for training exercises in water in the pool or in the sea (depends on water and climate conditions)
• 4 weekends of diving in deep water

If you already have the Padi Open water certificate you can obtain Advanced Open water, an international certification that certifies you for diving up to 30 meters.
It is a diving course in deep waters and with different situations to face. There will be moments dedicated to the review of the theory acquired for the Open Water license.

2020 Calendar of starting dates

Dates refer to the beginner level, level 1. Other level students, A2 - C2, can start any Monday
January 7*,
Februaryo 3,
March 2,
April 6, 27
May 18,
June 15,
July 13,
August 10,
September 7,
October 5,
November 2, 30
* the course starts on Tuesday. January, Monday 6th the school is closed for National Holiday
If you already have both certificates, write us and our partner will be able to meet your needs.


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