Training for Teachers

Monitored internship valid for the certifications to teach Italian

The monitored internship is good for those who are beginners and wish to take up the profession.

It is available as follows:
  • 60 hours of observation during 3 weeks
  • 100 hours of observation during 5 weeks
The school belongs to Asils and all the hours of the internship are certified and valid to obtain the certifications in teaching the Italian language to foreigners.
Interns assist and analyze each stage of the lesson, with the right combination of theory and practice.
The observation consists of:
  • Testing and subdivision of students into classrooms
  • Choice of material for groups (A1-C2)
  • Preparation of lessons with the school teachers
  • Analysis of different approaches and techniques
  • Time and space management
In the second part of the internship, the interns test themselves in the classroom. The lessons will be prepared together with the tutor who will help interns in the choice of materials, in the management of time and space, and in the preparation of activities.
At the end of each lesson, there will be a moment of dialog to clarify doubts and challenges.

The school has actually 2 partnerships and hosts as interns the students of the University of Genova and the Università Ca'Foscari, specializing in the field of the teaching of the Italian as second language.

University students and new graduates can enrich their experience with a 100-hour monitored teaching path, subject to approval by the school's teaching direction and by activating the internship through the Internship Office of these or other universities. These hours are recognized for all teaching certificates of Italian to foreigners (DITALS, DILS-PG, CEDILS).

Traineeships are available all year round, according to the availability of the school.

A door to Italy is the center of certification for teachers of the Italian language for foreigners L2/LS DILS PG of I and II level .

Refresher course for professional teachers L2 and LS

The course of 40 theoretical and practical lessons, in 2 weeks, is a pleasant mix of seminar meetings, observation and practice.

In the context of lifelong learning, the course aims at providing new exciting and interesting ideas to be used in the classroom, showing new materials for teaching the Italian language to foreigners, discussing new techniques and activities to motivate and involve students.

The main points of the program are:
  • listening (techniques, games, methods);
  • verbal production (activities to make students talk);
  • games and songs;
  • written production;
  • the importance of mistake as a moment of growth;
  • reading (different techniques in comparison)
The school has an agreement with ERASMUS PLUS for teachers who wish to attend a refresher course in Italy. Our PIC number is 920314564

Refresher Courses' Calendar 2020

January Tuesday 7 for 1 or 2 weeks
April Monday 13 for 1 or 2 weeks
June Monday 13 for 1 or 2 weeks
October Monday 12 for 1 or 2 weeks


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