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Special Programs

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Programs dedicated to a specific audience and with special requirements. They include the Italian language lesson in the morning, experience and activities in the afternoon.

Senior 50+

Two weeks in Genoa dedicated to the Italian language, culture and food in the company of people of the same age coming from all over the world.
The program includes the Italian language lessons in the morning and cultural meetings in Genoa and its surroundings, tastings, guided tours in the leisure time specifically for an adult audience. It is ideal for those who also wish to socialize and make new friends.

Family Club

Family Club allows families with children to experience Genoa and the school together. The program includes group courses for adults and lessons for small groups of children taught by professionals, with materials, lessons and games specifically designed for them. The groups of children are differentiated by level and age group and are a pleasant opportunity to learn to love the Italian language in an amusing and relaxed way.

The many adventures available to be experienced together complete the program... Visits to the aquarium and the children's city, pizza festival, songs... for an unforgettable Italian summer!

The program is suitable for families with children aged 6 years and over.