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Italian language courses in Genoa

Impression Experience

All our Italian language and culture courses are organized according to the Common European Framework of Reference from A1 to C2, they are designed for groups or for individual students, at the school or at a company location and are available throughout the year. Our students have different nationalities, ages, professions and motivations but a common interest: the desire to learn, improve or certify their knowledge of the Italian language.
For those who study the Italian language because it is their passion, group courses are ideal because the 20 lessons per week combine verbal and written activities, listening, games, stimulating reads, interesting videos, songs, and opportunities to develop language fluency and accuracy. Each course is unique, the students are the real protagonists of the school, the teachers choose the materials, prepare the activities, show the way, and facilitate learning. Every morning during group lessons, two expert teachers take turns. The change makes the lessons more stimulating and helps to improve listening and pronunciation.
The one-to-one courses are the optimal choice for those who need a more flexible course and/or have little time since they are tailored to the knowledge and needs of the specific student.
For those who do not wish to give up group work but wish to optimize their time in town, the school offers combined courses (group + one-to-one courses).
A Door to Italy also offers professional courses, designed specifically for those who use the Italian language for work: business Italian, refresher courses for interpreters and translators, training and apprenticeship for teachers L2/LS.
Teachers use the communicative method with humanistic-emotional elements and Cooperative Learning, which makes it possible in a short time, in a pleasant and motivating environment, to develop evenly all four skills required by the Common European Framework: speaking, listening, reading and writing.
Through games, listening, speaking and writing, the student will acquire mastery of the language, learning to communicate in increasingly complex everyday situations and in an increasingly fluent and accurate manner.

Standard Intensive Group Courses

A standard course is suitable for students of all levels, from beginner (A1) to expert (C2), because it combines grammar and vocabulary, conversation, reading and listening, in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

Long Term Group Courses


A long term course is particularly suitable for those who wish to live and workin Italy, for students who need to reach the B2 level for University enrollment, for those who use the Italian language for academic purposes and for which an official certification of level C1 is required.

Italiano Facile group course

The "Italiano Facile" language course is recommended for students who already studied the Italian language (minimum level required A2) and it is the ideal choice for those who, perhaps often, live in Italy and cannot follow a more intensive course.

Combined Intensive Group Courses

Intensive courses are the best formula for students who wish to learn a lot in a short time.Intensive courses are popular because the group program of the morning is complemented by individual lessons, tailored to the specific needs of the student.

Individual Course / Duo

This course meets the needs of those who are looking for a course tailored to their specific needs.

Italian language courses ONLINE

Learn Italian ONLINE…
… directly from home or office, in a practical, efficient and funny way, at convenient prices.
  • Italian language courses online are individual or in groups.
  • Multicultural environment with classmates from all over the world.
  • Groups by level.
  • Same high-quality standards A Door to Italy has always had!
Intensive Standard online group course
Minimum 1 week (20 lessons/week) from 165,00€

Italiano Facile online group course
Minimum 1 week (12 lessons/week) from 115,00€

Semi-Intensive online group course
Minimum 1 week (10 lessons/week) at 100,00€

Light online group course
10 weeks session (3 hours/week) at 250,00€

Individual online lessons
from minimum 5 h. and over

Group online courses for interpreters
Minimum 1 week (15 lessons/week) at 250,00€

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Evening Group Course

  • Lessons for small groups
  • 3 hours per week split over 2 days per week (90 minutes each)
Ideal for those who work and want to learn or improve the language after work hours.
3 sessions of 30 hours each, from October to June, available in 3 levels: for beginners (A1), intermediate (B1) and advanced (C1).
All the courses develop in a simple and pleasant way all the skills required by the Common European Framework of Reference: speaking, writing, listening and reading.

Preparation for CELI, CILS, AIL, and PLIDA language certifications

An Italian language certification is a document that certifies the level of knowledge of the Italian language as a second language and is officially recognized internationally.
Having an official document that specifies the level of knowledge of the Italian language is useful for academic and business purposes. It can be used to continue language training in one's own country and to find a better job. Companies that decide to hire foreign staff prefer people who can speak Italian without too much difficulty.

The B1 level of CLIC certifications (Celi university for foreigners of Perugia, Cils university for foreigners of Siena, PLIDA of Dante Alighieri and the certification issued by Rome 3) is an official document necessary to apply for Italian citizenship.
The B2 level is necessary to enroll in Italian Universities.
To attend masters and doctorates in Italy it is necessary to obtain an official C1 level certificate.

A Door to Italy is an examination center for the CELI (University for Foreigners in Perugia) and AIL (Language Academy for "Florence" examinations) certifications and offers examination sessions according to the official calendar established by the certification bodies.

It is not mandatory to attend a preparation course, but it is certainly recommended to take the examination with a specific educational preparation.

We offer one-to one courses, dedicated to the analysis of the examinations carried out in past years in all their parts: writing, language knowledge, text comprehension, and listening.

Individual lessons are available throughout the year and meet the needs and schedules of the student, and can also be easily combined with the standard course in the morning.

The course is specifically designed for the student and aims at filling in the gaps in the student's knowledge.