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Why Experiences?

Because with LinguaPiĆ¹ programs you choose to develop your passion, turning your stay into a unique and complete experience.

Choose among
  • Italian + Art
  • Italian + Cooking
  • Italian + Pottery Work
  • Italian + Photography
  • Italian + Scuba diving
  • Italian + Opera

Language + Cooking

The cooking lessons are ideal for those who believe that food is the symbol of a country's culture, for those who maybe want to amaze their friends with traditional Italian and Genoese recipes and of course for all food lovers.

Language + Ceramics

To discover the Liguria region, A Door to Italy offers a course in the art of ceramics, for which Genoa and the Riviera di Ponente are particularly renowned.

Laura, an expert ceramist, welcomes you, smiling and enthusiastic, in her ceramics laboratory "L'Aria del Mare".
It will be enjoyable and stimulating to take the first steps in her company and create original handmade items such as: cups, glasses and the characteristic laggioni, ancient decorations typical of the courtyards and gardens of Genoa.

Language + Photography

Dedicated to photography enthusiasts, the course is held by our teacher, Patrizia Lanna, a professional photographer.
The lessons combine theory and practice, a perfect mix of classroom lessons and city walks, in search of beautiful sights to be immortalized.
Genoa, the Superba, becomes a model of exceptional beauty for those who know how to discover it.

The course is held both for individuals and for small groups.
It is essential that participants have their own equipment.
No previous knowledge is required.

Language + Diving

Treat yourself to a unique experience diving in the beautiful Ligurian Sea. It is an experience for everyone. You can take a trial lesson and then decide whether to continue and get the Open Water certification.

If you are already an expert, you can participate in a higher level course or treat yourself to a single dive to admire the reserve of Portofino, a protected marine park of enchanting beauty to be enjoyed from the first moment you set sail. Just admiring the coast from the sea is a priceless sight!