Courses for Interpreters

A Door to Italy has ten years of work experience with interpreters of the European institutions. The interpreting department, founded in 2014, is constantly updated to offer professionals working in the sector a complete linguistic experience. This includes group course for those who wish to add Italian as a business language, simultaneous individual training and also cultural, political and social in-depth study with the "Journey to Italy" course.

Our specifically designed programs for professionals in the sector include:

Group Course -A- for interpreters who do not have Italian

It is a 50-minute lessons course, in small closed groups, consisting solely of interpreters and translators from the European Institutions, where work is focused on the passive reception of the language with authentic, particularly current and updated material of level C1.

New in 2020 - Group Course -B- for interpreters working with the Italian

It is a 50-minute lessons course in small closed groups for those who already work with the Italian language and want to enrich their linguistic and cultural background.

Practical one-to-one Training for simultaneous and consecutive interpretation

It is a 60- minute lesson individual course, designed to meet the needs of professionals. The course is based on listening and video. The interpreters test themselves through simultaneous, consecutive and chouchoutage exercises. Cloze tests and exercises to improve the ability to anticipate complete the course. The material is authentic and constantly updated.

"Journey to Italy" Cultural Course

A complete overview of contemporary Italian culture, politics, economy, society, through the voice of its protagonists.

The objectives for the interpreter courses are:
  • general and industry-specific improvement of the language;
  • development of anticipation skills;
  • analysis of idiomatic expressions and false friends;
  • exercises in understanding the spoken language;
  • knowledge of Italian society, politics, history and culture.

Every month, the teachers of the school will send free of charge to all the interpreters who attended the courses an article and a video on the main Italian events. A way to stay in touch with Italy and Italians!

2020 Courses' Calendar

Group Course -A-
April Monday 6, Tuesday 14 (April 13th school is closed for national Holiday)
August Monday 3, 17
October Monday 5

Group Course -B-
August Monday 17
October Monday 19

Group course for interpreters who do not work with Italian yet & Group course

Weeks Price
1 350
2 700
3 1050
4 1400

Culture course "Viaggio in Italia"

Individual Lessons Price
1 40
10 390
Each lesson over 10 37
20 720
Each lesson over 20 34

Individual practical training of simultaneous and consecutive interpretation

Individual Lessons Price
1 50
10 490
Each lesson over 10 48
20 940
Each lesson over 20 47


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