Marco Polo and Turandot projects

The Marco Polo and Turandot projects are aimed at Chinese students who wish to enter Italian universities and Afam institutions (Conservatories and Academies of Fine Arts), without any previous knowledge of the Italian language.

Those who access the Marco Polo and Turandot programs obtain a study visa for Italy and must attend an Italian language and culture course of 10 or 11 months, in preparation for their entrance to the chosen university.

Interested Chinese students must carry out, by August, a pre-enrollment at the Italian Embassy in China, indicating the chosen university and the the Italian language school where they wish to take the preparatory course.

A Door to Italy is available to Chinese students to whom it guarantees educational assistance, logistics and the appropriate course to achieve the language level necessary to formalize their enrollment at the chosen Afam University or Institution.

Marco Polo / Turandot preparatory course
The course consists of 25 lessons of Italian language and culture per week The purpose is to develop all four skills required by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: listening, reading, speaking and writing to help students, starting from the first weeks, to become as independent as possible and fluent in daily communication.
The program includes language lessons, practical exercises, level tests, simulations of CELI exams and elements of culture and civilization, to facilitate a constant and progressive integration into the social fabric.
The courses start in October/November and end in August of the subsequent year.
At the end of the course, students can take the CELI B1/B2 exam (level necessary to enter the university training course in Italy) held at our school.

The lessons are held by Italian teachers, experts in teaching Chinese students and using special materials.
The students will always be supported by teaching tutors who will help them in their training.
Attendance is mandatory with reports on the progress of the course and with periodic learning checks.

The 10 month course starts in November 2021 (1000 hours of lessons).
Program cost: € 5900.00 + € 100.00 for enrollment fee

The 11 month course starts in October 2021 (1100 hours of lessons).
Program cost: € 6400.00 + € 100.00 for enrollment fee

Included in the program:
- Teaching material
- Guidance and assistance on site
- Services for searching and booking accommodation (cost of accommodation not included)
- Leisure activities to practice the language and integrate the Chinese student in the Italian society

Why is it necessary to attend the preparatory course in Genoa?
During the pre-enrollment stage, students are free to choose the Italian language school they consider most appropriate for their language studies. It is not necessary for the school to be located in the same city of the chosen university.
Genoa is a splendid city of art, located on the sea with a particularly mild climate and a cultural life rich in interesting events.
In particular, it is a city on a "human scale": students can move around on foot, they do not get lost and do not lose their orientation, the school and the accommodation that we offer are all in the city center.
The cost of living is not as high as in large cities such as Florence or Milan and this is a very important aspect to be considered, especially in view of a stay of many months.
Genoa is also well connected to other major cities: Milan for example can be reached in 1 hour and a half by train and Turin in less than 2 hours .

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