The course is addressed to professional interpreters and interpreting students who have almost finished their studies.

Course goals: improvement of general and sectorial language; developement of anticipation skills; analyses on basic grammatical elements (connectives, conversational signals, verbs, substantives); full comprehension of oral language; general knowledge of italian society, politics, history and culture.

Didactical methods are the result of years of experience and direct sperimentation, developed with constant updating on linguistic theoretics and neurolinguistic.

Our approach guarantees a constant research of empathy between teacher and student.

Our methodology is not a close system: actually, we do prefer talking about flexible modality rather than method. This offers the chance of experiencing a training which is strongly shaped on the student's personal and professional needs.

Learning techniques include audio and written texts. Listening and interpreting (simultaneous, consecutive, chochutage), intense and stimulating activities, articles and cloze tests developing lexical skills, improvement of grammar in anticipating, textual coherence and cohesion analysis.

Teaching material entirely authentic and up to date.


Individual lessons (60 min. each)
1 lesson     50,00
10 lessons 490,00
1 lesson over 10   48,00
20 lessons 940,00
1 lesson over 20   47,00


Group course - for interpreters only
1 week 350,00
2 weeks 700,00
3 weeks 1050,00
4 weeks 1400,00

Starting dates of the group courses 2020:

Level C1:
Monday 6th April
Tuesday 14th April
Monday 3th August
Monday 17th August
Monday 5th October
Level C2:
Monday 17th August
Monday 19th October

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