Study and learn Italian language at A door to Italy in Genoa.

At A Door to Italy we work with 6 different levels from beginners A1 to advanced C2, following the Common European Framework of languages www.alte.org.
During the first day at school new students are required to take the placement test (oral and written) to enter the appropriate group, with people having the same language level at that moment.

Classes are all small, with an interesting melting-pot of culture, languages and people from all over the world.
Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced. All are native speakers of Italian who are career language teachers, often with experience of teaching Italian in other countries. Thanks to our flexible structure and to the continuous contact between students and professors, everyone has the possibility to participate actively to the lesson. If you go faster than your classmates, you can change the level and move to the most suitable to you. To grow from a level to the following one, it is necessary the avarage number of 80 hours of lessons.
The school provides students with all books and teaching materials, related to the appropriate level. Most of it is developed by our teachers and is continuously updated.

Elementary 1 - Level A1 Breakthrough - Basic User

Students approaching this level have no knowledge of Italian language or knows some words.

During the program you will learn how to use familiar everyday expressions, for example to order a coffee or in a restaurant, to ask for information...

You could introduce yourself and answer questions about personal details. You could interact with other people in a simple way, if the person talks to you slowly and clearly.

We recommend you to attend at least 2 - 4 weeks. 

In a month you will obtain a good basis on grammar and you will develop at the same time in a homogeneous way all the 4 communicative skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing with a special focus on speaking!

Your language will grow very fast in a very funny and relaxed atmosphere! In particular with basic users, teachers often use role-playing games to develop language and abilities.  


Elementary 2 - Level A2 Waystage - Basic User

Students approaching this level can express themselves in a simple way using everyday sayings and phrases. They can understand a simple and clear conversation.

During the program you will learn how to tell past and future events, how to communicate in daily life such as to invite someone, to introduce a person, to complain... and so on.

You will improve your ability of listening with different exercises, you will have a lot of possibilities of speaking thanks also to games, role-playing games, cloze test...always in a relaxed atmosphere that helps you become fluent with the language


Intermediate 1 - Level B1 Threshold - Independent user

Students approaching this level can understand the main topics of a conversation about familiar matters (work, school, leisure etc...)
During the program you will improve your fluency having conversation with other people, working in couple to discover the different function of the language.
Lessons will focus on various listening exercises, grammar analyses, writing production and editing to begin having a good knowledge of the language. You will learn how to describe projects and dreams, to plan a vacation, to express yourself in a proper way both formal and informal.

Intermediate 2 - Level B2 Vantage - Indipendent user

Students approaching this level can understand the main topics of complex texts about concrete and abstract subjects.

During the program you will work on complex written and listening texts taken from TV, internet, magazines and newspapers. You will deepen on the language structure, analysing different styles and complex sentences. You will develop your written skill using various and different exercises and your speaking skill to enlarge your lexical knowledge.

Discussions will focus on Italian beauties and issues: you can talk fluently about them and in a relaxed and interesting background.

The teachers also take care to your accent and pronunciation in order to let your language be fluent and harmonious.  

We suggest for students from level B2 to take one of the certification CELI 3 (issued by University of Perugia) or CILS 2 (University of Siena), recognized all over the world and so well known for working with Italian language.

With B2 certification the student can enrol at Italian University without any Italian language test.



Advanced - Level C1 - Proficient user

Students approaching this level can understand a wide range of difficult and long texts and recognize implicit meaning.

During the program you will work on your lexical skill by listening to interviews, radio, TV, internet on always updated material concerning Italian society. You will analyse written texts to discover the hidden connections of the language and you will use the language fluently for social, academic and professional purpose both using passive and active skills.

You will deal with complex subjects in a fancy way and you will talk about with new friends.

CERTIFICATE YOUR ITALIAN: with a such good level why don't you think about a certification? CELI 4 by University of Perugia and CILS 3 by University of Siena are the best solution if you have to work with the Italian world!



Proficiency - Level C2 - Proficient User

Students approching this level have a quite totally understanding of what they heard or read. They can express themselves fluently, spontaneously and specifically.

During the program we will work on your pronunciation and intonation, looking for a wide range of synonymous and lexical analysis. With a lot of specific exercises your language becomes active and you will use all the new words in a specific context. Discussions will focus on contemporary life: Italy and Italians would be really at your finger tips. Knowing a language means also understanding and knowing country, people, history, arts, culture.

CERTIFICATE YOUR ITALIAN: with such an high level why don't you think about a certification? CELI 5 by University of Perugia and CILS 4 by University of Siena are the best solution if you have to deal with the Italian world.

If you work with Italian language the University of Perugia give you the possibility, even in its branch in Genoa, to obtain the CIC certification for people in business with Italians!

If you are a teacher remember that you can obtain "CELI 5 doc" special for people who teach Italian abroad or who teach their language to foreigners in Italian public schools. 


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