Special Courses & Programs


A door to Italy offers a wide range of Italian language courses, geared to the specific needs or our students.

Courses are gathered for groups or individuals.

Students come from all over the world, they are of different ages,  with different goals but joined by the passion for Italian language.  

Lessons  are available all year round.

We offer:
  • General Italian language and Culture Courses
  • Italian language Courses for the Internationally recognized certifications (CELI, CILS, PLIDA)
  • Long term Courses (three months - semester - academic year)
  • Italian language Courses for professional use (Italian for Interpreters, for business, for law, for healthcare,  for hoteliers and for the tourist industry etc...)
  • Specialized Courses (combining the study of the language to specific purposes such as cooking course, libretti for opera singers, photografy workshop, diving certificates)
  • Cultural Courses (combining the study of the language to specific cultural programmes: Italian Cinema, Italian songs and song writers, local culture of Genoa and the region)
Our Italian language courses can also be held in companies or at student's accommodation.
Courses start following an official calendar and are available all year round for all levels, from beginners to advanced, with the exception of courses for professional use and cultural courses, whose minimum level requested is low Intermediate (B1)
All these courses can be held for individual students or in small groups of minimum 4 students.
To deep into each course please click the below list:

Viaggio in Italia


A full immersion into nowadays Italy!
A course on Italian culture, conceived of as a virtual journey through the different regions of Italy. It is based on materials compiled by our teachers, giving a view of the principal characteristics of the regions.

From Renzo Piano in Liguria, to Gino Strada (Emergency) in Lombardia, from Roberto Saviano representing Campania, to Andrea Camilleri (the writer who created the famous carachter of Commissario Montalbano) standing for Sicily.

Each region gives food for thought in analyzing many cultural aspects of the country; through main topics such as cities, food, healthcare national system, politics, crisis, we guide the student into an interesting cultural and lexical study path.

We thought this course in particular for those who work with the Italian language like interpreters and translaters, but also for all students (minimum level B1) that love Italy and its culture, particularly interested in studying Italian current events.

The teaching material is always up-to-date, constantly refreshed through new multimedia, interviews, newspaper and magazine articles and so on.


Art en plein air




Italian and Photography

CARTOLINE DA GENOVA - Digital Photography Course

Held in small groups, this course is dedicated to photography lovers.
It combines Italian language and culture in the morning to practical and theoretic lessons of photography in the afternoon.
At the end participants will receive a collection of their printed pictures.
The teacher is a professional photographer. 


CARTOLINE DA GENOVA - Digital Photography Course
min. 1 up to 6 people max. together
Single lesson 75,00
1 week 225,00
2 weeks 450,00
3 weeks 675,00
4 weeks 900,00



Italian language aged 50+

canzoni a scuola 250+ PROGRAM

This course is thought for over-fifties that desire to get deeper into italian language and discover Genoa and its surroundings.

It is a pleasant 2 weeks intensive program which includes Italian lessons and cultural and gastronomic actvities:


  • 40 Italian language lessons in the morning, in small groups of different ages
  • 1 guided tour in the historical centre in Genoa
  • 2 cultural walkings discovering the town
  • 1 pottery class and tour of artisan old shops of Genoa  
  • 1 half day excursion in Genoa surroundings (Nervi, Portofino, Camogli) 
  • 1 full day trip to Cinque Terre or Portofino 
  • 1 wine tasting 
  • 1 dinner in typical Genoese restaurant 

All of these activities are in italian language always accompanied by a one person from A Door to Italy's staff.

20 Group lessons per week + seminars + activities
2 weeks 680,00

Price includes: 

  • Enrolment fee 
  • Books and certificate of attendance
  • Welcome kit with map and guide of the town 
  • Internet point and free Wi-Fi at school
  • Student's card offering many discounts in shops and restaurants in town
  • Accommodation booking service

2020 Starting dates for "50 plus" Program:

Monday 9th March 
Monday 6th April 
Monday 7th Sept. 
Monday 5th Oct.



Italian for opera singer and libretti lessons


The purpose of this course, addressed to Opera singers, is to practice pronunciation through opera's libretti reading and to improve intonation with singing classes with a specialised singing teacher.
During winter courses, participants will have the chance to enjoy special price reductions at the Opera Theatre of Genoa, "Carlo Felice".

Individual lesson (60 min. each)
1 hour 65,00
10 hours course 560,00
20 hours course 995,00



Italian & Cooking


Gastronomy is one of the fundamental aspects of civilization and culture. Travelling and visiting new countries means also to sample national tastes and flavours. This course is thought for all people who desire to combine the study of the Italian language to the pleasure of making some cooking lessons.

Language lessons are held at school following Standard course time schedule. Cooking lessons are held in the afternoon and can be attended both in group or individually.The cooking course is carried out at the teacher’s home.

The cookery teacher warmly welcome all students on the course and demonstrate in particular the secrets and techniques of the Italian and Genoese gastronomy, providing a space to all for practical preparation.

At the end of the lesson, the prepared dishes are offered for dinner. This is also considered a great experience and an unforgettable moment of socialization. It is also possible to follow special cooking lessons based upon special recipes. 

COOKING CLASS at teacher's home (3 hrs lesson)
min. 1 - up to 4 people max together
Single lesson 75,00
1 week 225,00
2 weeks 450,00
3 weeks 675,00
4 weeks 900,00


Diving course


This is a perfect course for adventurous people, wishing to combine a full cultural experience with a unique dive vacation exploring the Ligurian Sea, the gulf and its beauties.
It is possible to take the Open Water Dive Certificate (for those who have not dived before) or the Advanced Open Water Dive certificate, with PADI instructors.

All didactic materials and the equipment regarding the diving lessons are provided by the diving school and are included in the price.  

Divers will discover a beautiful coast with alternation of cliffs and beaches. Along the coast there are a few small islands which are peaks of an underwater topography. The few islands of the coastal Ligurian arc have been maintained as an intact environment and are very interesting both from a geological point of view and for the underwater hide world.

The Ligurian Sea introduces all the ideal conditions for scuba divers, the seas depths extend to 2000 meters. The Ligurian coast entertains world famous tourist locations for its numerous attractions and for the transparency of the water. From 1997 Liguria has two sea reserves: the first one covers the coast from the point of the Punta del Mesco to Capo Montenegro, in the Cinque Terre; the other one is located in the Portofino area, in the eastern coast, where in the backdrops of the bay of San Fruttuoso is immersed the statue "Christ of the Abysses"

Min. 8 h/week dive lessons
1 week ------
2 weeks 425,00
3 weeks 690,00
Sgl Diving 75,00




Specialist course for interpreters




The course is addressed to professional interpreters and interpreting students who have almost finished their studies.

Course goals: improvement of general and sectorial language; developement of anticipation skills; analyses on basic grammatical elements (connectives, conversational signals, verbs, substantives); full comprehension of oral language; general knowledge of italian society, politics, history and culture.

Didactical methods are the result of years of experience and direct sperimentation, developed with constant updating on linguistic theoretics and neurolinguistic.

Our approach guarantees a constant research of empathy between teacher and student.

Our methodology is not a close system: actually, we do prefer talking about flexible modality rather than method. This offers the chance of experiencing a training which is strongly shaped on the student's personal and professional needs.

Learning techniques include audio and written texts. Listening and interpreting (simultaneous, consecutive, chochutage), intense and stimulating activities, articles and cloze tests developing lexical skills, improvement of grammar in anticipating, textual coherence and cohesion analysis.

Teaching material entirely authentic and up to date.


Individual lessons (60 min. each)
1 lesson     50,00
10 lessons 490,00
1 lesson over 10   48,00
20 lessons 940,00
1 lesson over 20   47,00


Group course - for interpreters only
1 week 350,00
2 weeks 700,00
3 weeks 1050,00
4 weeks 1400,00

Starting dates of the group courses 2020:

Level C1:
Monday 6th April
Tuesday 14th April
Monday 3th August
Monday 17th August
Monday 5th October
Level C2:
Monday 17th August
Monday 19th October

Study in Genoa and Florence


In cooperation with ABC School in Florence, we offer a special program that will bring you through two wonderful cities.

Enjoy our Sea and our History, and then move towards the city of Art!

Our special offer includes:

- 1 week in Genoa
- 1 week in Florence
- 20 Italian lessons per week

For further information, contact us!


Study in Genoa and Turin


In cooperation with AbbeySchool CiaoItaly in Turin, we offer a special program that will bring you through two wonderful cities...

A single journey, two different cities: discover mountains and sea, Piedmont and Liguria, the largest medieval historical center in Europe and the first capital city of Italy!

Our special offer includes:

- 1 week in Genoa
- 1 week in Turin
- 20 hours Italian lessons per week

For further information, contact us!


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