Since 2002 A Door to Italy - the Italian language school for Foreigners has been a point of reference for the study of the Italian language in Genoa and in Italy.
The efforts of A Door to Italy are aimed at the continuous improvement and quality of all services offered.

With this in mind, over the years, the management has been working to obtain various ACCREDITATION AND RECOGNITIONS and focused on constant TRAINING AND UPDATING of teaching staff.

Recognitions and Quality


ASILS Association of Schools of Italian as a Second Language
EDUITALIA Association of Schools and Universities with specific training for foreigners
AATI American Association of Teachers of Italian

A Door to Italy holds the following certifications

CELI and DILS-PG of the University for Foreigners of Perugia. Dils-Pg is specifically designed for teaching the Italian language to foreigners and is intended for teachers of the Italian language for foreigners or aspiring teachers.
AIL "Firenze" Language Certifications of the Accademia Italiana di Lingua di Firenze, particularly required in the world of work.


CSN Swedish government agency for financing studies
BILDUNGSURLAUB German government agency for financing workers
ERASMUS PLUS Key Action 1 (education and training sector)
University of Genoa for the implementation of curricular internships in the field of teaching the Italian language to foreigners

Quality Guarantees

As an active member of the ASILS association, the A Door to Italy school respects the quality charter of the association which requires that:

  • teachers have a university degree and experience in the field of teaching the Italian language as a second language and are selected on the basis of their professionalism and personal qualities
  • the school has a permanent and legal registered office and that the structure that hosts it meets the legal requirements in force and the standards necessary to facilitate learning of the Italian language in the classroom
  • the published advertising material contains a detailed description of the courses and services offered
  • prices are clearly specified and the number of lessons, duration and services included are specified
  • in the event that students need assistance in finding accommodation, previously checked and selected solutions are offered and the address of the requested accommodation and its description is provided to the student prior to his/her departure
  • the student is placed in a class of a level appropriate to his/her linguistic skills, checked by an entrance test
  • the number of students must not exceed that indicated by the school in its advertising material
  • the number of students must not exceed that indicated by the school in its advertising material
  • the school director is always available for the students to solve any problems that may arise
  • the progress of learning is continuously monitored
  • students are offered a program of cultural and recreational activities, organized by the school in order to expand opportunities for learning and for social and cultural interaction
  • the number of students must not exceed that indicated by the school in its advertising material
  • on completion of a course of a certain level, students can take an examination to verify their acquired linguistic skills, based on
    the Modern Languages Project of the Council of Europe
  • the student has the possibility of appealing to the Presidency of 'A.S.I.L.S. in case of serious complaints
The ASILS Association also established a ASILS MODEL QUALITY (edition 2017), a system of quality assessment, to which the member schools must strictly comply, to ensure its level, maintenance and development.
The Asils quality model is organized and monitored by the certification body UNITER (Uniter srl, certification body).


Each year, A Door to Italy provides numerous Scholarships