Enrolment Terms and Conditions

  2. To book a course (and accommodation if needed) every student needs to pay a deposit of the 30% of the course fees (minimum 150,00€) + 150,00€ for the accommodation.
    Deposit can be paid by:
    Bank Transfer addressed to:
    Code ABI: 03104 CAB01400 Code SWIFT: DEUTITMMGEN
    Code IBAN: IT36R0310401400000000820590
    Reason: Italian course for "name of the student".
    Please remind that bank fees are at your side.
    Credit card via PayPal
    Every student needs to pay the outstanding balance within the first day of course.
  4. Entrance fee is not included in the price. It is valid 12 months from course start date. It includes welcome, assistance and instructional services of the school.
    Group courses are composed from minimum 4 participants. If the number of participants to a course is not reached, the course will be activated however. Nevertheless, the direction reserves the right to decrease the number of lesson in relationship to the number of participants and in consideration of the greater intensity of the lessons: 1 student/2 students = 2 lessons, 3 students = 3 lessons. The cost of the course is unchanged.
  6. The school acts only as an intermediary between the student and the renter, not assuming therefore any responsibility regarding the relationship between the student and the renter. The school has no responsibility in case of damages caused by the student in his/her accommodation.
  7. VISAS
  8. The students who need a visa have to contact the Italian Consulate in their country to dispatch the necessary formalities. The School provides with the necessary certificates to ask for a study visa. To be able to send such certificates it is requested the total full payment. Student must register his/her presence at the authority within 8 days from the entrance to Italy and ask for the Permit of Stay.
    In case the student doesn't get the visa, the School will return the whole sum received except administration of 200,00 euro and possible banking expenses sustained for the restitution of the sum. The School needs an official document released from the Italian Consulate that attests that the requested visa has not been approved from the competent authorities.
  10. The School does not take on responsibility for malice or serious guilt. The School does not take on responsibility for illness, accident and civil responsibility tied up to events out of the scholastic centre. Insurance covers students for possible caused damages or damages suffered in the places of the school. Medical assistance: The European citizens have the right to the free medical cares; for the extra community citizens we recommends therefore to stipulate, before the departure, a private insurance.
  12. In case of missed payment from the student, A DOOR TO ITALY can decide to interrupt lessons, without returning how much received as deposit.

Within 30 daysWithin 29– 15 daysWithin 14– 1 dayOnce the course is started
50€ cancellation fee.
Deposit is refunded. Bank expenses will be at clients charge.
100€ cancellation fee.
Deposit is not refunded but will be not lost.
A voucher of the amount (deducted of the 100€ cancellation fee) is issued and valid 12 months.
150€ cancellation fee.
Deposit is not refunded but will be not lost.
A voucher of the amount (deducted of the 150€ cancellation fee) is issued and valid 12 months.
No refund of the total amount.