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Visa and Residence Permit

A Door to Italy provides students with all the documentation they need to obtain a Study Visa (VS) and, after their entry into Italy, provides them with a Residence Permit (PS).

To apply for a study visa it is necessary to attend a course of at least 20 lessons per week (Standard Intensive Group Course).

What are the required documents?

  • Certificate of enrollment at the Italian language course (provided by the school)
  • Invoice related to the payment of the course (provided by the school)
  • Confirmation of accommodation booking (provided by the school) or confirmation
    of a hotel, residence or letter of invitation from a person hosting you at home (filled out by hand)

  • A health policy covering the entire period of your stay
  • A guarantee of the availability of sufficient financial means for your support for the entire duration of the course/stay in Italy (for more information please click here)
  • Proof that you purchased your round-trip air ticket


Where do you apply for a visa?


At the Italian embassy in your country of residence 

(here is the list of embassies and consulates)


Each embassy has its own procedures. Therefore, we recommend that you always ask the consular office of your area for the exact list of documents to be submitted. We will provide you with all the necessary assistance.